Frequently Asked Questions


What does a home extension look like?

We have many design types and your own design will be developed on AutoCAD and shown to you before installation. There are also many other additional options like the type of windows, doors and render finish.


Do you supply home extensions nationwide?

Yes, to every city, town and village throughout the country!



What kind of external wall finishes can I have?

Many types of finishes to the exterior walls are available including brickwork, render and cladding!



Do I need to arrange my own builder?

No, we have a fully dedicated and highly trained team that works nationwide to build the extension at a very high standard for you.




Why are your extensions so affordable?

We have a very efficient team that is trained to work in a manner that helps to keep wastage down, thus passing on the cost efficiencies to you! Because our technicians are able to work at speed as well as being professional in the work carried out, we are able to pass savings onto you the customer.





How long does a house extension build take?

There are two factors to this… The manufacture of the prefab modular extension and the actual build process of the extension. The design and manufacture can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks and builds can vary depending on factors like the weather, building regulations and the type of extension.







Do I need planning permission?

As a general rule, no! Most extensions are allowed under permitted development rules. A rough guide is that houses up to and including semi-detached properties can extend for a 3-meter projection or 4 meters for detached homes. This simplifies the process and it gives you an idea but our technician that carries out the quote will go into more detail with you on what is needed to start the build.








Why are your extensions quicker to build?

Traditional extensions are more cumbersome and time-consuming than our system. We build most of the construction in our state-of-the-art manufacturing premises, where we can build faster and more efficiently! This procedure cuts the time down dramatically for the builders on-site at your home, giving you more savings, less hassle and limited mess or wastage compared to more conventional extension builds.










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