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EazyBase Modular Home Extensions, design, build and install a modular extension or outbuilding in a fragment of the time of a traditional build.

We design the building with you, tailoring the design to your requirements and you can have as many doors, windows, roof lights or lightbulbs as you desire. We will create a 3D visual complimentary for you to sign off once happy with the modular home extension design.

We then begin to build your extension in our factory, off-site from your home in as little as 4 weeks. Once the build has been complete we then come on-site with your extension built in segments and begin to piece the extension together in less than a week.

Your extension will be competing with electric sockets, led downlights, plastering and building control.


  • Playrooms
  • Home Office
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
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Kids Playrooms

Many parents have used an EazyBase modular extension to create a stunning kids playroom, that not only provides a great environment for the imagination to flourish but also keeps the noise and mess contained in one room!

Ask one of our team for a free quotation today, by filling out our quote request form below and we will send one of our professional, friendly surveyors out to meet with you and discuss the wide range of options available.

Home Office

EazyBase modular extensions are perfect for home offices or extra workspaces! We design, build and install prefabricated modular extensions to suit any need for more space in your home, including for work and also at very affordable prices.

If you are looking for a prefab extension in the UK, then EazyBase is the reliable company to call… Get in touch today to realise your dreams with a totally free and no-obligation quotation for a home office modular extension!

Dining Rooms

There are many varying uses within your home when installing a modular extension to give you more space and a better architectural design. One of those uses with the extra space given is a dining room. Imagine being given a totally new space to decorate as you wish and model from scratch!

Dining rooms are the perfect choice for a prefab extension and will transform your living and eating space for a fraction of the normal cost associated with traditional extensions.

Dining Rooms

Kitchens are one of the most popular choices for an EazyBase modular extension in UK homes. That’s because it works out much better than your more conventional kitchen extension for both cost and ease of build.

With a prefabricated modular home extension, there are so many different designs and types of structures to build with. The choice is endless and gives you that freedom of design that more orthodox kitchen extensions do not give you!

Recent Projects

modular home extensions

Prefab Extensions UK

EazyBase is an affordable provider of prefab modular home extensions. If you are looking for ‘easybase extensions’ or ‘easybase homes’ in the UK, then we are the experts to hire! Prefab extensions in the UK are becoming more and more popular by the day and this is because they are easy to install as a DIY project but also value for money when getting installed by a professional company like EazyBase.

We have many decades of experience in the prefabricated modular house extension industry. With these many years of knowledge and an expert team of technicians, EazyBase knows the foremost solutions for homeowners looking for the most competitively priced prefab extension for their home property.

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